Balancing the flow of vital energy.

Our breath is a key to the connection between the body and mind. Yogic breathing techniques can help us to control and cultivate the flow of prāṇa, the body’s vital energy, and get a new understanding of our asana practice.

Flow of Prāṇa

Prāṇa, the life force or vital principle in our body, travels through thousands of tiny channels, nāḍīs, to nourish every cell with subtle energy. By cultivating, controlling, and activating prāṇa, yoga aims to bring harmony to our body and mind, liberate and expand consciousness. One of the ways to do it is prāṇāyāma, an ancient practice of breath regulation, controlling the form, timing, duration, and frequency of every breath and hold.  While learning how to work with our breath correctly, we can also feel a significant change in the effects of our asana practice.

What to expect

This class is meant for everyone looking to explore the breathing and concentration techniques underlying yoga postures which could be easily overlooked in more physically oriented classes. It will explain basics of  prāṇāyāma and explore of the connection of the breath to asana. We will tune into our physical and subtle body using our breath, mantras, bandhas, mudras, meditation and gentle movements, balancing the flow of prāṇa in the body. There will be space both for practice and for theory with space for questions at the end of the class.

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“Where the mind goes prāṇa flows.“ – André Von Lysbeth

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