Learn how to breathe (not only) in the vinyāsa yoga classes.

 Yogic breathing techniques can help us to control and cultivate the flow of prāṇa, the body’s vital energy and get a new understanding of our asana practice.

Breathe well in vinyāsa yoga

Breathing is a core of any yoga practice and yet it can be easily underestimated. This workshop will take you through the basics of correct breathing in yoga. You will understand the anatomy of breath and how to work with it to achieve better stability, posture and concentration in your yoga practice. We will cover modern anatomy and the traditional concepts of  prāṇa, dīrgha, sūkṣma, sama-vṛtti and viṣama-vṛtti. The practice will include

  • breath observation, natural breath, effort of breath 
  • breath control, ujjayi breath 
  • anatomy of breathing, abdominal breath, rib and chest breath 
  • different breathing patterns

What to expect

This class is meant for everyone looking to explore the breathing and concentration techniques that are the foundation of yoga practice. We will cover the basic principles of working with breath in yoga and explore the connection between the breath, body and mind. There will be space for practice and for theory with space for questions at the end of the class.

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“Where the mind goes prāṇa flows.“ – André Von Lysbeth

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