Yoga Classes

My yoga classes are based mainly in vinyāsa yoga, where the breath aligns with movement to create a feeling of a flow. I believe that while the āsana practice is important, it doesn’t have to be advanced or complicated to experience the benefits of yoga. As more important I perceive correct breathing and developing inner attention, which helps us to enter the postures safely. I welcome all practitioners with interest in yoga regardless the current level of fitness. In classes I offer alternatives and adjustments to accommodate the needs of different bodies and minds.

Private Lessons

In private lessons I help students to develop their own personal practice fitted to their needs. The first class is always 90 minutes long and includes a 30 min consultation where we talk about what would be good to focus on. If you decide to book a private class, please don’t hesitate to describe me your previous experience with yoga and intentions in detail in an e-mail before our meeting. It will help us to be more in tune and work up to the point when we meet.


1 class
60 / 90 min = 30 / 45 eur

5 classes
60 / 90 min = 135 / 200 eur

Tune in

The practice itself is always the best teacher.

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